PSlimy Command List

Here is a list of all the commands that PSlimy have available to users

Filter Category

Name Description Aliases
blur (user) Put a blur filter on to user avatar or attachment None
bright (user) Put a bright filter on to user avatar or attachment None
deepfry (user) Deepfry a user avatar or attachment None
distort (user) Distort a user avatar or attachment None
fire (user) Put a fire overlay on to user avatar or attachment None
gay (user) Put a rainbow filter on to user avatar or attachment None
glass (user) Put a glass filter on to user avatar or attachment None
grey (user) Put a grey filter on to user avatar or attachment None
gun (user) Put gun on user avatar or attachment None
invert (user) Invert the color of a user avatar or attachment None
jail (user) Put a jail overlay on to user avatar or attachment None
petpet (user) Put a petpet overlay on a user avatar or attachment None
recaptcha {text} | (user) Put a captcha over user avatar or attachment None
sepia (user) Put a orange filter on to user avatar or attachment None
trigger (user) Put a trigger overlay on a user avatar or attachment None
upsidedown (user) Turn a user avatar or attachment up side down None
wasted (user) Put a wasted filter on to user avatar or attachment None

Fun Category

Name Description Aliases
8ball {question} A magic 8ball, can answer yes/no questions for you 8b
catgirl Send a random catgirl image None
coin {choice} Toss a coin and guess what side it gonna land on toss
dice {1-6} Roll a dice and guess whice side it gonna land on None
emojify {text} Convert text into emojis None
foxgirl Send a random fox girl image None
furryify {text} Make texts sound more furry owoify, uwuify
howepic (name) See how epic someone is epicrate
howgay (name) See how gay someone is gayrate
howhot (name) See how hot someone is hotrate
howlucky (name) See how lucky someone is luckyrate
hownoob (name) See how noob someone is noobrate
howsimp (name) See how simp someone is simprate
howsmart (name) See how smart someone is smartrate, iqtest
kill (name) Fake kill someone None
math {operation} A calculator, calculate math problems for you calculator, calc
meme Send a random meme from reddit None
mock {text} Mock texts for you None
rate {thing to rate} | (name) A rater machine None
reversetext {text} Reverse texts for you None
rps {choice} Rock, Paper, Scissors game None
ship {name} (name) Ship two people and see if they are a good match None
spacer {spacer} {text} Replace the space in text to a custom space None
spoiler {text} Make every single character become spoiler None

Game Category

Name Description Aliases
blackjack Play a game of blackjack! bj
cargame Play a car game! None
connectfour {user} Play a game of connectfour with other member c4
minesweeper Play a game of minesweeper! None
tictactoe {user} Play a game of tictactoe with other member ttt

Image Category

Name Description Aliases
abandon {text} Create an abandon meme None
achievement {text} Create a minecraft achievement achieve
animehug (user) Create a anime hug image None
backup {text} Create a backup meme None
beautiful (user) Create a beautiful meme None
billywth (user) Create a billywth meme None
burn (user) Create a burn meme None
changemymind {text} Create a change my mind meme cmm
crap (user) Create a crap meme None
door (user) Create a door meme None
drake {text1} | {text2} Create an drake meme None
gru {text1} | {text2} | {text3} Create an gru plan meme None
rip (user) Create a rip image None
simpcard (user) Create a simpcard None
speed (user) Create a I am speed meme None
stonks {type} (user) Create a stonks meme stonk
superior {text} Create an superior meme None
tableflip (user) Create a tableflip meme None
thinkabout (user) Create a think about image None
vr {text} Create an vr meme None
wish {text} Create an wish meme None
worthless {text} Create an worthless meme None
yeet {text} Create an yeet meme None

Info Category

Name Description Aliases
avatar (user) Show a user avatar pfp, av
botinfo Show information about the bot bi, stat, stats
channelinfo (channel) Show information about a channel in the server ci
emojiinfo {emoji} Show information about a custom emoji/sticker ei, emoji, sticker, stickerinfo
partner (page/name) Show a list of our partners! partners
roleinfo {role} Show information about a role in the server ri
serverinfo Show information about the server si
userinfo (user) Show information about the user server profile, ui

Moderation Category

Name Description Aliases
ban {user} (reason) Ban a user from the server None
warn {member} Check a member warnings None
clear {amount} (user or the word "bot") Delete messages in the channel purge, delete
clearwarn {member} (reason) Clear all warnings from a member None
kick {member} (reason) Kick a member from the server None
lock (channel) Lock the channel, prevent members from chatting None
mute {member} (reason) Mute a member None
removewarn {member} {warn number} (reason) Remove a specific warning from a member None
unban {user} (reason) Unban a user from the server None
unlock (channel) Unlock the channel, let members chat again None
unmute {member} (reason) Unmute a member None
warn {member} (reason) Warn a member None

Other Category

Name Description Aliases
afk (reason) Show other users that you are afk None
help (command) Show a list of bot's commands ?, h
invite Show all of the bot links link, website, support, supportserver
ping Show the bot speed None
help (command) Bring back the most recently deleted message None
vote Show all bot's voting sites None

Roleplay Category

Name Description Aliases
bite (member) Send a random bite gif None
blush Send a random blush gif None
cry Send a random cry gif None
cuddle (member) Send a random cuddle gif None
feed (member) Send a random feed gif None
fluff Send a random fluff gif None
happy Send a random happy gif None
hug (member) Send a random hug gif None
kiss (member) Send a random kiss gif None
lick (member) Send a random lick gif None
pat (member) Send a random pat gif None
poke (member) Send a random poke gif None
slap (member) Send a random slap gif None
tickle (member) Send a random tickle gif None
wink (member) Send a random wink gif None

Server Category

Name Description Aliases
annoucement {message} Make a quick annoucement annouce
disable {command} Disable a commandfor this server None
enable {command} Enable a disabled command for this server None
prefix {new prefix} Set a new bot prefix setprefix
setting {setting} {inner setting} {value} Settings of the current server None
stealemoji {emoji} (name) Add an emoji to the server addemoji, se